Parking Systems and Access Systems

New product - the GP4AT Coin Operated Turnstile

As a result of our Development Department highly demanding work, we can finally in the year 2015 introduce an entirely new product - a coin operated turnstile, GP4AT. The combination of a two-way one-stand three-arm turnstile and a pay station enables the features of both devices to be used within one compact unit. The coin operated turnstile allows to control the entry and movement, the control of access and the regulation of passages of persons to reserved places. It is suitable for all premises where unattended collection of entry fees is required, e.g. at toilets, showers and many other places. The related receipts can be further used, e.g. as discount vouchers.


Parking Systems and Access Systems | GREEN Center s.r.o.

Welcome to the official website of the GREEN Center company that is the Czech biggest manufacturer and supplier of automated parking systems. Since the year 1992, we have been offering comprehensive solutions in the area of barrier parking systems. For more than 20 years, we have been working on the development and manufacture of parking systems that are characterized by high quality and reliability, long lifespan, affordability and unique design. Our manufacturing and development base allows us not only continuous improvement of our products but we are also able to react in a flexible way to all special customers‘ requirements.

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